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Thank you for submitting your literary art for possible publication in our Twenty-Second (22nd) volume of The Salal Review, Lower Columbia College's award-winning literary and visual arts magazine. Each literary art piece you submit will be reviewed anonymously by our student editors enrolled in the Arts Magazine Publication course to enable an unbiased review process, and you will be notified of our decisions before or during January 2022. The finished volume will be presented in print and web form and unveiled in June 2022. To view previous volumes, visit www.salalreview.com


Submission Guidelines:

  • All authors with a connection to the Lower Columbia region are eligible to submit to this publication, and you will be asked to describe your connection in a short biographical note within the submission form. If you plan to submit multiple literary art pieces, save your biographical note for re-use as you will need it for each individual submission.

  • A maximum of five poems may be submitted.

  • A maximum of two stories or essays may be submitted, such as short fiction, non-fiction essays, and graphic narratives (comics).

  • While there is no word count maximum for written pieces, consider that our publication is limited in page count, and we hesitate to publish lengthy pieces that take away our ability to showcase works of art from various authors. 

  • All submissions must be typed. 

  • DO NOT include your name on submission files (in the document or the file name).

  • Each individual submission MUST be submitted separately for individual review (continue on to the submission form for tips on how to make this process simpler). Again, you may wish to save your biographical note to make this process faster for multiple submissions.

  • Edit carefully for grammar and spelling. Has anyone else read it? Have you received feedback and revised it? (If you are a student who would like help, consider meeting with tutors in the Learning Commons.) We are looking to publish pieces of work that are polished and ready for publication. 
  • We, the editors of The Salal Review, reserve the right to make minor editorial suggestions for submissions with the author's permission. If the author does not respond, editors will assume consent to the suggested changes.

This call for literary art submissions will end on October 31st, 2021. The call for visual art submissions will be available from December 2021 to January 2022. If you have questions or need assistance, please email salal@lowercolumbia.edu. Thank you. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.